Thursday, May 29, 2008

Total Recall

April 4th’2008, Friday

It was hot & scorching Friday afternoon when I was boarding a SpiceJet flight bound to Delhi. The last time I flew SpiceJet was from Bangalore to Pune, more than a year back. It was quite wild, the only reason I opted for it was its Apex fares. There was no reason now for me to look for Apex but I got booked just because of the Schedules which was pre-planned. After the take-off, we were flying via Mumbai to Delhi. I could see the Silver coastline & tiny white wave strikes hitting the Mainland. Very soon we were flying through Central India and I had all the time to complete reading the in-flight Magazine & a Financial Daily, iMint. I guess we were nearing Delhi, say 20 Flying Minutes from Delhi, there was a storm coming our way. When I left Pune it was Clear & Perfect weather to Cruise, Call it Climatic changes, Global Warming or Typical Indian Pre-Monson Showers, whatever it was it was bad. The flight was hardly booked to its Capacity, there was no one seated next to me (I normally prefer sitting alone while Flying Alone). Very soon we were stuck with such bad turbulence & the Airbus was just a like a mere paper plane trying to maintain its axis. I have never feared of Flying but this wasn’t a usual one, it was going on incessantly violent, I was putting up a brave front, pushing my back hard & so many thought just flashing. I could think of TV series LOST, unlike its plot of Crashing on an isolated island, I knew for sure I won’t land up at any Island, but will be a headline for next day’s newsprint. To add more flavor to the situation, there were few first time flyers I guess who lived up to their Expectations. All I wanted to do was to walk out of the Aircraft ASAP. There were a million things which were playing hard on my mind…emotional, comic, about things, people, Religion, God, Friends, Places, Faces, hugs, touch, kisses everything at one go. I had just stopped worrying about my career, Profession, work; these were so minimal at this point….mere waste. I was just one among many sitting there in that flight, who just got a pre-view on how we have stopped living our lives & were just getting carried away by just doing things which life lets us into. SG 212 Y- This flight did touch down Delhi safely; We were soon welcomed by an hailstorm. The feeling of being safe was re-installed in me. I can never forget this Journey, in 15 minutes, I knew I need to say so many things to so many people for being with me, for letting me the way I’m & who I’m.(In way very own small way)

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