Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Southern Spice

Here's an update about my Journey few weeks back. Since my work kept me on bay & away from my blog, better delayed than NEVER.Here i go:

Another week, another new place.... from Lucknow my next destination is Hyderabad. From one city of Nawab to another one. This was my second visit to Hyderabad; the first was ages back when I was in school. I just remember one thing I saw in Hyderabad when I had come here last, Salar Jung Museum. I'm twice unlucky to see the famous landmark-Charminar.

Day 1.
July 5,2007_Thursday: I had to leave to the airport from office by 5.30, my flight was at 7pm. I was already exhausted by the time I reached the Airport. Little hesitant also as it was an Air Deccan Flight, I had got a chance to see the true Air Deccan standards by myself. It has a bad reputation of not being on time & bad service, understood that its an low frill airliner but it don't mean that you don't Provide Cotton to you passengers who suffer from ear pain while flying. Hyderabad was looking dazzling in the night from the sky, it was like a sea of Golden Lights, I guess any city would look beautiful in the night. Hyderabad's Airport is named after a famous Movie veteran N T Rama Rao, this shows that how much Movies & Movie stars have an impact in South.

I was put up in Banjara Hills, its around 20-25 mins ride from the Airport & costs 100 INR by a Rick. Banjara Hills in Hyderabad is a Famous elite residential area of Hyderabad, there's no scarcity of good eat out here. Had dinner at around 10:30 at OUR PLACE, a restaurant. My day was over with a Hyderabadi Biryani & a small shot of Vodka.

Day 2
July 6, 2007_Friday: Was back in the Airport by 8:45am, we had a flight to Rajahmundry at 9:20am-Air Deccan. My mother had mentioned that this place is full of Coconut trees & indeed there were plenty.It's a small sleepy town where major economy is Farming & small time business. The climate & the features of Rajahmundry are same as Sri Lanka. I was caught off-guard when I reached my Hotel, it was a beautiful Resort called RIVER BAY & another shocker was it was run by the Andhrapradesh Tourism Board, it was a very well maintained Resort built of the banks of River Godavari. The seacoast is just 25-30Kms away from here. Since the Coast is closer it has the charectistics of Coastal weather.The Godavri river basin is explored by ONGC & GAIL, this belt is rich in Natural Gas. Was done with my work by 5pm so thought of exploring this place.Went to see the barrage, it a dam like structure built away from the town & it was looking beautiful at sunset. My local companion for the trip told me that this barrage was built by Sir Arthur Cotton who was the governor when India was ruled was the East India Company. Today People of Rajahmundry worship him cause this barrage protects the town from the mighty Godavari

Day 3
July 7, 2007_Saturday:Was awake by 6:30-7am had a quick Breakfast at CAPTAIN'S TABLE. Was back to work & went on till 9pm & had Dinner at 11:30, the tandoori Mutton kebabs was delicious. I hit the bed by 12:30am.Crash

Day 4
July 8, 2007_Sunday: It was time to go.Checked out by 8:30am & was on the way to the Airport.
Rajahmundry's Airport is around 9 kms from River Bay. We had a flight to Hyderabad via Vijayawada. By air Vijayawada is 20mins away. I reached Hyderabad by 12:30pm & felt much better. From Airport Straight to PARADISE, a famous Biryani Restaurant. No guesses what I had here, I can live on Biryanis. Also try the Tandoori Platter, it is really tasty & mouth-watering. Since my next Flight to Pune was at 5:20pm I had enough time to do some shopping, Hyderbad Central was the nearest Choice & I brought what any traveler would love to carry with him- an iPod Charger!! I paid 380 INR but it was worth better than searching for a PC or laptop all the time.

Thanks to us The Flight smelled of some fresh Hyderabadi Biryani. Yes, we carried Hot Biryani's for friends. The airport x-ray machine security guy found it amusing to see steaming biryani packs sent inside the machine for a security check. It was really humorous!

It was time to say bye to Hyderabad & I was on my way to Pune, by 7pm I was back here & reached home by 8pm with some Short, sweet, hectic & tasty memories of Andhra Pradesh & Hyderabad.

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