Thursday, March 01, 2007

It Will Cost You Everything....

Have you ever wondered those beautiful and delicate looking stones displayed in the shopping Malls & Jewelers shop come from ?We Indians fall under the top buyers of diamonds worldwide. Blood diamonds is a realistic story of how the diamonds get into the world markets washed by the blood of many innocent people. I remembered in my Geography classes were we studied about natural resources of respective countries & Kimberly in South Africa was famous for Diamonds extraction, nearly satisfying 40-55% of world Market needs.
Blood diamond would be another all-time favorite movie which I would love to watch over and over again. The story is solid and hold a very contempropory value. Africa’ s real face has been highlighted very meticulously. Leonardo Dicaprio has proved once again that he has grown over the years, a very expected performance after The Departed (another Classic). Bravo Dicaprio!
Leonardo DiCaprio,Jennifer Connelly,Djimon Hounsou,Michael Sheen,Arnold Vosloo
Running time:138 min


  • The helicopter used for the air strike on the mining camp was a Russian Mil Mi-24 SuperHind Mk IV.

  • The South African mercenary involvement is based loosely on the involvement of Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone in 1994.[citation needed]

  • Krio is the creole language used early in the film between Danny Archer and Commander Zero. Soloman Vandy's son is named Dia, which means expensive in Krio.

  • DiCaprio's character claims that if he found the diamond he would leave the continent and never come back. He also played the character of Howard Hughes in The Aviator, in which he also claims that if his plane (the Spruce Goose) doesn't work he would leave the US and never come back.

  • The song "Shine On", by rapper Nas, is played during the credits at the end.
    Throughout the movie, the vehicles are driven on the left side of the road. Sierra Leone drives on the right, while filming locations South Africa and Mozambique drive on the left.
    When Solomon goes fishing in the morning, the sun is shown to have risen over the sea. In reality, the sun would rise over land as it is on the West Coast.

  • DiCaprio's character claims that the Shona people of Zimbabwe refer to white people as 'mukiwa'. This is not true, as the word 'mukiwa' is actually from the Ndebele people.

  • DiCaprio is associated with independent director, Mason Chavez, who directed (perhaps his only well known movie) The African Hunter which also took place in past-Africa, concerning crime and war.


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tokalosh said...

Not entirely true, your honour. Shona actually consists of about six major dialects (standardized by missionaries, based on one the dialects, chiZezuru.) In at least one of them, chiNdau, spoken in the eastern border region, mukiwa is commonly used as a term for white man (it actually means 'fig', the inside of which is a pink colour, like the colour of a white man's skin - hence the term. Some Karangas (another Shona clan, who live adjacent to Great Zimbabwe), and Shangaans (who live in the Save valley), also use this word, as do Kalanga and, as you point out, the Ndebele. It is widely used as a slang term among many black Zimbabweans of the Shona persuasion. MuRungu is also used, as is MuBhunu - meaning Boer.