Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The inhertance of loss

Three weeks back, when I was checking some books out by the roadside book seller I picked this book “The inheritance of loss” from Kiran Desai. It was so much talked about in the papers & internet & of course this book was last years Man-Booker Prize winner. To be very frank I have never heard about Kiran Desai earlier neither I knew or heard talking about her previous book Hullabaloo in the Guava orchard. Since the book was so talked about over all kinds of media, my expectation rose up plus being an Indian origin author I was expectation was very mixed. I’m not condemning Indian writers but some how I feel low reading Indian novelist. Previous Indian novel I read was from shobha de’s Sister, it was pathetic piece of literature.
The Inheritance of loss is a story about Sai, a girl who’s exploring her adolescence. She stays with her grandfather, who’s a stickler about things since his return from England. He see India & Indian culture differently now. We have a servant here, who’s son’s in US. Who earns his living in US hopping jobs from one restaurant to another. The story is set in 1970’s when insurgency was shaping up in India & Nepal was fighting for its recognition. I really wonder whether Kiran Desia had been to Kalimpong? Cause her detailed description about this place is breath taking. I could really image the serene & chill weather of Kalimpong the way she has written about this place. I have friends who are from North-easten part of India but none could describe an Himalayan hillstation the way it has been in this book. The story ends abruptly and I didn’t like the way it was ended, maybe she could have done it little consciously. It’s a one time read book that’s it.

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