Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shakespheare is a Hit

"O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?"
Remember these famous lines from Mr. Shakespheare??? I hope everyone remembers about this movie which was released in the 1996 called Rome & Juliet starring Leonardo Di Caprio. I didn’t get a chance to watch this movie that time, even though it was aired on the Movie channels a million times. I watched this movie this week, a very cool and different movie, out of the box thoughts & brilliantly re-worked into a Movie which lives up to the expectations.(Atleast Mine!)
The review behind the DVD quoted one from NYT-“Shakespheare was not so sexy on the screen before”.
I could find stark difference in Leo as I watched his latest "Blood Diamond" & this movie (Romeo + Juliet), he has really grown up as a actor. Well,I would love to write another review of Blood Diamond, so hang on.
Coming back to Romeo & Juliet, I Loved the movie and especially the track played for Romeo’s entry, its cool. What to look for in this movie?-Fair Verona, Juliet, Sound Track, Romeo, Juliet’s Cousin, the rivalry of two big Households.
Its basically a tragedy, where Shakespheare’s story hasn’t been turned and twisted according to the Director’s needs. Im feeling little redundant to write about this Movie after 10 long years of its release. Actually it’s a good way to learn or study Romeo and Juliet, for English Literature Students, because I remember I had to study Macbeth in College and I was made to watch a lousy Movie on Macbeth (after watching it I felt like directing films myself!!!it was pathetic!!!) Any more Suggestions to our Education Boards?
How would Shakespheare react to this Movie?Blah!


david santos said...

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steve said...

Hi David...

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SavvySunshine said...


I still haven't seen this version. Soon. I heard that a lot fo people liked it.