Wednesday, December 20, 2006


December is the time when everyone is chilling out. I have very sweet memories associated with this last month of the year. I basically love the winter among all the seasons under the sun. I dislike getting up from my bed in the morning and that’s the reason why I reach work place little late. And now Christmas around the corner and holidays coming my way I’m clueless what to do when & how?
All these days I was feeling like this Spiderman preached on the edge(look down) & that’s the reason I didn’t write or rather was not in a state of mind to write anything.I should also admit that in all these years,these few weeks I haven’t read the Newspapers too(Reading Newspaper-This was something of a daily ritual which is followed since I could manage myself).I have umpteen reasons which have contributed to this state of my mind.
Well, about all the good stuff now which happened this week: yesterday & today my phone beeped from a text message from CNN-IBN that the prime accused in Jessica Lal’s murder has been convicted & sentenced for a life.. That was something which had to be delivered long time back thanks to our corrupt police & manipulation done to cover up the case it took 15 long year to get justice out. I wonder now, what’s the whole point we can make out this is that our legal system should be effective & efficient & should look beyond the evidences which are produced in the courtIt has major pro’s & con’s to it & I think it won’t be affective till we reach at least 90% literacy rate (this itself will take a decade or two!!!). this is also a lesson to the old man who’s been dreaming that he’s going to turn the case, it’s a clear message to him to be at home & play with his grand children than trying to do an item number in between. Justice prevails still………
God save our Nation.

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samuru999 said...

Hi Steve
Sorry I am late getting here!
I was glad to have you visit me again!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

I am glad that justice prevailed for Jessica!
God rest her soul!

Happy New Year, Steve!
May this be one of your best years!