Tuesday, August 08, 2006

System Drowned

I feel like I’m staying in some water world.
It been like one of the English movies where a drastic calamity occurs and you run to save your life, to be precise it would be movies like Hard Rain and The Day After Tomorrow…but only difference here in pune is that you have to run from bad roads, bad infrastructure and lack of any civic sense among the people. The roads look like they were ploughed before the monsoon. The traffic signals work as if they are doing a favor. The traffic cops work only on the month ends or when some VIP is in the town.
And the Buses try to squeeze into any narrow thinking they are small cars. One ways are illogically planned. Everything Sucks!!!Frustrating…..
It’s been two days that it’s being pouring terribly hard and the city is not even equipped to tackle any for of adversities. It’s the most horrifying season to be in Pune.
For all the people who love this place need to think and voice an single opinion to make this place a better City if they are planning to attract world attention as they claim that they are competing with Bangalore.
Try hard or die tryin……


Anonymous said...

hi..nice blog you too :P :)
i got the address of ur blog from ur comment in mirdiary.blogspot.com

I know also what it feels like to be frustrated from your country
but somehow you can change it or be happy that u are from there

by the way nice readings :)

Steve said...

changes happen when things are heard and taken notice of... a single person can make the difference but....who like to get into dirt and clean it???no one right.....???