Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Insane Authorities!

ALL the freakin idiot who call themselves they RUN this country!!
55 years back this country got something known as FREEDOM after going through so many sacrifices….today I’m feeling how it would have felt to those freedom fighters to voice their cries….its a sad state today that I have to hack or look for an by-pass tool to get to my page! Such an idiotic fight!

Some bloody jerks sitting somewhere issued an order to block the blog sites in India due to some idiotic reason of preventing terrorism?
These illiterate junks who haven’t seen even a computer or rather used it, today have a major say in blocking someone’s freedom of expression….we are not, freakin living in an communist country like china, we belong to a democratic and fundamental nation called INDIA. I’m also aware of in this country there is nothing like freedom ever because everything and everywhere there’s large scale corruption and bureaucracy!!!
This is an clear violation of FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS according to the article 14, 19 and 21 under Indian constitution!
About controlling terrorism, and Mumbai blasts it was an utter INTELLIGENCE FAILURE, Government is not well equipped with tools to counter terrorism at all. Tomorrow if there’s an attack on any major Indian cities government is unaware of any plans!!!
You simply admit this sad fact that GOVERNMENT CAN’T STOP ANY ATTACK by the TERRORIST!!! Infact the most powerful country in the world US could not stop it (9/11)
The people who took this mentally challenged type decision to block blogspot and other blogging sites is SIMPLY STUPID, this might turn a very suicidal thing for the congress led-government and I feel this time the out-roar will be from the most smartest people of India that is the Internet and technology people. Will tomorrow The Indian Government decided to turn off the water supply as it has been reported that the terrorists use water to live???? It’s always good to see that any government has intelligent people making all the decisions.
If they are so concerned about this stuff, kindly ban pornographic, anti-racial, anti-religious and sites which cause harm to the general public this is not a way to fight TERRORISM! Go on the border on nail these dogs instead of letting them in and causing damage to our cities and deciding to fool people by passing an ban on the free speech.
You Politian’s and beauracratics don’t deserve to be running this country. You guys are the biggest terrorists from within.
The world is watching don’t make a joke of yourself INDIA……
You can’t block MYSITE for your MADNESS! Give me a break……..

Blog ban can be by-passed by using these URL:
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