Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hawk's down

Its been two long days and its been raining as if there no end!actually its pretty bad scene here in pune when it pours!
everything stop over here due to bad roads,un-sensible traffic jams and lots of dirt and slush everywhere!
i feel this place will never improve,anyways life goes on as it never ends!
i been still trying to over come England's defeat,its really a shock for me as well as the mighty giants Brazil going down with France!
i been doing nothing since yesterday watching the rain standing in my balcony....
i remember way back in school when it used to rain we used to play in the rain water puddles, i still remember one evenging while practising for the hockey games,it started pouring heavy and we took the volleyball and played rugby in the rain it was one of the best days of my life and will never forget it!
i was hurt very badly in the rain but it was fun!i rember i felt like a wild horse running around the field!and later when i went home mom screamed on top of her voice and said no more playing any game but that didnt stop me anyway from doing what i liked to do...........
well, another week's come to an end, i got my sal that's the big relief!
This the next few matches remaining to conclude the World cup,
Next Fixture:
Germany vs Italy 0030 IST (Jul 5) Dortmund
Portugal vs France 0030 IST (Jul 6).Will bet on GERMANY/PORTUGAL to win the WORLD CUP now!
Here are the match details of BRAZIL vs FRANCE!

Brazil shellshocked by France masterclass

FRANKFURT, July 2: From president to press to players, Brazilians were in shock after the champions were unceremoniously dethroned by France in a World Cup thriller here.
A Thierry Henry goal after 57 minutes in the game late Saturday did the damage, bringing the tournament's hot favourites to their knees and ending any South American interest at the quarter-final stage and Brazil's charge for an unprecedented sixth title.

In the eyes of former great Pele, there was one overriding reason for his compatriots' demise - French skipper and playmaker Zinedine Zidane, who commandeered midfield to outshine his rival Ronaldinho.
"Zidane was the magician in the game," Pele said of the 34-year-old who will retire after this campaign despite his ability to continue to give virtuoso performances of which his aspiring rivals can only dream.
"We only had two shots on the French goal and that just isn't good enough."
Bearing much of the brunt of the defeat was coach Carlos Alberto Parreira who said he had been surprised by the high standard of France's play.
"My duty was to get Brazil into the final and I must admit that I was not expecting this defeat.
"The French team played with a lot of spirit. Zidane is a player that we know well, one of the great players of the last decade. But our defence marked tightly, so much so that their goal came from a set-piece."
Parreira admitted that a magic ingredient was missing from the potent mix of players he had at his disposal.
"Technically, we have a very good team, very experienced, but when you don't win the title, it's because there has been something missing.
"We had some problems, and we needed a little more preparation, probably in terms of fitness and getting the team to play as a unit."
Midfielder Gilberto Silva said France deserved their victory. "It's not that we played badly, we tried but it just didn't work. They were very well organised but we didn't manage to score a goal.
"I can't remember exactly what Parreira said in the dressing room after the game, but it was words of sadness." Ronaldo shared his coach's downbeat view of the game.
"I'm very sad, very disappointed with this defeat," said the Real Madrid striker who almost equalised on the stroke of full-time, only an acrobatic diving save by Fabien Barthez denying him a goal.

"We had plans to go much further, but it didn't happen. France were the better team, and when all's said and done, that's football.
"We are proud of how we battled and what we sacrificed in order to get this far."
Juninho, who plays his club football with French champions Lyon, said Henry's sumptuous side-footed volley past Dida killed the game off for the Brazilians.
"Once they scored it was very difficult for us to turn it round," he said.
"I think that the team as a whole didn't play well... but now we have to accept the criticism and start to get the young players ready for the next World Cup. We didn't play as Brazil can."
Brazilian newspapers were quick to lament the lacklustre display of the national side and also to pinpoint Zidane, who also scored two goals in France's 3-0 World Cup final win over Brazil in 1998, as the main difference between the two sides.
"Again Zidane stood foursquare in our way with France," said Folha Online.
For O Globo: "Brazil lost to France to see the dream of a sixth title fade away.
"Zidane had one of those Zidane days and one of creative football's last, unpredictable, mohicans defeated Brazil."
Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, known by his footballesque single moniker of "Lula", was quick to express his solidarity with the team in a telephone call to Parreira and federation officials.
His message of good luck before the match might have fallen on deaf ears in the Brazilian camp, but one Brazilian who did benefit was Luiz Felipe Scolari, whose Portugal side beat England on penalties in the last eight and will play France in the semi-final in Munich on Wednesday.

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