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leonardo da vinci the culprit???

This is another write up from my previous blog........written in july last year(2005), will write soon about the movie-DA VINCI CODE by RON HOWARD,watched it last week TWICE!!!

leonardo da vinci the culprit???

Posted by steve at 06:20 pm on July 6th, 2005
Media blew it out of proportion and the word of mouth spread like wild fire and a simple unrealistic and a tricky work of fiction became the best seller and the hottest selling novel of this year, yea, I’m talking about the Davinci code written by Dan brown. Brown has managed to create a masterpiece of blunders without any proper analysis of facts, facts which he has written so tactfully that a layman who do not know the bible or the history of Christianity he will be royally carried away by this novel. I give full credits to Dan brown he no wonder is a master story teller and the novel itself is a very gripping to one’s senses. it’s a very, very well narrated stuff! The characters of Robert Langdon, silas, the French cop and the lady cryptologist, sophie nevue(hope i got her spell right!!!!!) who’s grand father has been murdered are also well created and has a unique view points about themselves! It’s a book worth reading but not worth the information which can be believed!
May 2006 the movie version of the davinci code will be released and Academy award winner tom hanks is going to play the lead! it will b a good movie to watch, But I guess the movie will be criticized by the orthodox and sensitive Christian organizations for sure! I finished reading davinci code in about 2 weeks time since I was working it too a much longer time than before!
But one thing I assure u that the next time you look at the painting of the last supper or the great mona lisa or any painting by Leonardo da vinci you’ll have a different opinion about them! !

Have a good time reading !

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