Thursday, June 08, 2006

Inside man

Today its been such a lazy day!dont feel like doing anywork i think its the way you look at things and at present i dont want to look at anything =)!
i'm down with a bad cold and its really annoying to go on with it.Went to watch MI:3/the Omen,day before yersterday night and landed up watching INSIDE MAN.
was not so interested in watching this movie but had to got tickets for only this movie.
well, i really liked this movie and after PHONEBOOTH, i think i liked a movie was this one.I never heard of this guy called Clive Owen!(wont be suprised if he is owen wilsons cousin),he plays the lead as a bank robber along with Denzel Washington who plays an NYPD crisis negotiator.

jodie foster looks alegant and charmining.
its got an Hindi movie sound track from Dil se....the song really sounds cool in the movie!The movie looks like its an bank robbery movie or the motive behind the robbery looks like Million of $ but actually its not!so watch the movie to know the real story!a really well-made movie with lots of intelligence,wits.
can watch this movie once again.....wont mind it actually!!
waiting to see The Omen very soon....

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