Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Goan Blues

June 09, 2006, Fri
Came back today at 9am from Goa, it was a trip full of all mixed emotions for me!
I was really unwell on Friday; I had a prolonged cold and fever regularly since the past few days. Was also thinking to scrap the plan to go to goa. Friday didn’t come to office and we were supposed to leave at 545pm, reached office at around 520. by the time we could leave pune it was around 630-7 I guess. Reached panvel McDonalds at around 845ish had two burgers and hot cappuccino and waited for 2 long hours for the bus to come.

June 10, 2006, sat

Morning stopped at COUNTRYSIDE, some resort on the way to Goa for breakfast!
Atlas the bus reached at around 1230 am and was on the way to goa, stop somewhere but don’t know where! It was much easier for us to reach goa by pune but since the arrangement was done in such a way that we had to reach panvel and go to goa that meant more time spent on the road I guess a travel of 10-11 hrs we were making it for 16-17hrs flat!!!Heck!!!
I dozed off! when I got up at around 515am it was drizzling heavily and thought the whole holiday will go for a toss and was thinking that will land up spending more time in the hotel room itself!
Around 11 am I guess I reached Park Hyatt the view of the hotel itself was WOW! I was little skeptical coz was thinking south goa is much happening that north goa!
Hyatt is very well maintained and an eco-friendly place, spreading across 45 acres!
And plus point is that they have their own private beach so no worries about crazy crowds and people trying to sell stuff to you which you don’t want to…
The whole place is very serene and a very good place for couples!

The rooms are awesome! I love the wall hangings in my room! Will post the snaps soon!
During all this I was down with lethal cold and slight fever, (infact even now I have!)
Didn’t do anything much took bath and was watching TV, some movie on star movies about the burmuda triangle!

Evening had a good hot cuppa coffee and snacks and went for the presentations and talent hunt contests!i was in no mood to go and act on the stage was very reluctant but had to go…..wish I had my way I would have ran away from it! =(
Night was young and the mood was party was set in with all drink and some really really good food on the table!!
Had a decent Bacardi and little food (since was too late they were winding up so had to hurry!)
Was in the pool later till 2am and was really exhausted!
Atlas went to sleep eating an apple!

June 11, 2006, sun

Sunday morning it was a perfect time to go to church! Infact I wanted to since I don’t know the South goa so much didn’t want to explore!
Had breakfast at THE Village, which is located inside Hyatt, a fix of Indian and westerner breakfast!

Later on went to sightseeing! It was all big rubbish!!!Went to some temple some mangashwar with a half dead guide!
After this adventure went to panjim market!!!!God knows for what joy we went there!
Everything was closed there since it was a Sunday!!!Except for few foreigners hanging out on the road with Bacardi breezers in their hands!
I got my favorite of the Breezers-the cranberry flavors! Took couple of snaps here!
Got back to hotel by 2 and had lunch, changed and was all set to go for the games which were organized!
It was really cool! Had lots of fun and it started raining!!!!And went into the sea and was swimming in the waters till the sun set and even the moon had shown up! I guess till 8pm I was playing in the water! Cool! You can play for limitless hours in the water!

Had dinner and didn’t want to party at all!!!Was feeling feverish again due to playing in the water and having a long hot water bath!
Slept off talking on the phone!

June 12, 2006, Mon

Finally the day had come to leave!
I was down with a very heavy cold and was feeling all symptoms of getting an major fever or an viral….

Checked out at 12 and was waiting for the bus till 2-230pm atlas went to have lunch in Martin’s Corner at Betalbatim, which is nearby to Hyatt!its really an amazing place and the food is really economical with rates starting with Rs60-200! This place is regularly haunted by all the bollywood celebrities and is very famous in Northern Goa. On the entrance one can see the photographs of the rich and famous who once had dinned in this place!
Finaly left from Martins at 330 reached Panjim at 545pm had a 30min break and was off to Mumbai again!!!

June 13, 2006, Tue
Reached Mumbai around 545am and left immediately to pune reached at 9am and exhausted and totally beaten…………now sitting in the office after that long exhausting journey! Work sucks!
Miss Goa! I always had good memories of goa and I have always come back with a hope that I’m gonna make it again next year atleast once!
Hey goa, promising you that I’ll back again to be with you….
Until then……….sayonara!

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