Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flash in da pan

Its been a long time since im living away from home.Eating out is a big major pain everytime!i have tried almost all the restos in Pune so far.....
here are the 3 most liked eat-out from my side:
1.Malaka's Spice.... for its continental Stuff in Koregaon Park
2.FLAGS............. for its mexican,near INOX,Camp
3.Koyla............. for its Hyderabadi food in Koregaon Park/University Road
But, i miss 2 places the most from bangalore...
1.Casa Picola:i just love the pastas and the hungarian soup there
2.Nagarjuna:for its spicy and mouth-watering Andhra style biryani!voila!

Here's a dish for all bachelor's out there!try it!
WARNING:Parental Advice,and results may varry!

ITS AN EGG FRY!simple right?

1.Chiken eggs only!(2-3 eggs,depending on much you eat!)
2.oil in the cup (150-250ml)
3.chopped onions chillies/red chilli powder

Heat the pan,and add some oil and heat it till 100 degree celcius!
break the eggs and pour it into the pan and sprinkle onions,chillies and salt
if you can manage to make the egg like a pizza thats great meaning if you can turn it!
if you cant dont worry!play a game!beat the whole thing!
now it will look like an SCRAMBLED egg!

well,i like egg with bread,so its a good combination..
i can eat it anytime for breakfast,lunch,evening snack as well as dinner!
but prefer it on my breakfast table with butter and orange juice!
and don't expect it to be the one like in the picture above!
IF YANg can cook why cant I and YOU???

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