Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dumb Weekends!

"A man is Strong, if he can stand all ALONE!"
Welcome to anther lazy sunday afternoon!
its boring out here doing nothing, and really dont know what im doing in MY life too!
just going with the flow, living each day as it comes!
yesterday, i slept till 3pm, larger thn life sleep!!!infact i slept after a long time for such a long time!
what am i doing now?????
im exploring the hi5 directory of my friends....
what am i lisenting to???-wasn't me_by shaggy!(everyone can sing if he can)
what am i reading currently???-THE ZAHIR_by paulo cohelo!
there's a kid playing COUNTER STRIKE beside me...damn cool!this generation rocks!i remember i used to play bricks, and later on upgraded to Mario and CONTRA!now i find these games sad!
i been refreshing my comp since past 15mins dont know what to do tooo now!
plan of action for the day???
1. really dont know!!!!!
2. i guess its gonna pour here!so dont mind reading my novel and lisenting to MY MUSIC!
3.want to watch MI:3 or Eight Below,but noones interested in watching these movie,so im disappointed!but will still try if someone, somewhere wants to see it with me!
4.Want to sleep again!!!
5.scared of the tought that tomorrow again i hav to get back to work!
life sucks here!

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