Friday, June 23, 2006

Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons_Dan Brown
(Posted by steve at 03:01 pm on December 18th, 2005)

Been reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.well like all browns novels the story starts with an high profile signature type of murder and the murderer leaves behind an cryptic messages.i donot want to reveal the whole story now but i felt its again well written novel,intelligently composed like the da vinci code.

Digital fortress was a disappointment after reading da vinci code.i havent read disception point yet if anyone has read it please share your views.but the ambigrams presented in angels and demons are awesome and really stunned me.well some really good stuff from it,here's the best of Angel's and Demons.hope you like it!

An ambigram is a word written in such a way that it is legible both rightside-up and upside-down. Ambigrams are an ancient artform and play heavily into the mysteries of Angels & Demons.
ambi means "both"
gram means "word"

The secret brotherhood of the ILLUMINATI understood the symmetry of ambigrams.


Dancinglady said...

I also love reading Dan Brown's works... :-)

nagfa said...

hi, steve..

we've read deception point (read all four actually) the plot is similar to digital fotress, a lot of twists and sub plots, a lot of character developments, a stab in the back, a sting in the tail.. very grisham-like if you will, with political paintings and innuendoes.. not as good is you've read da vinci code and angels and demons first..

the ambigrams are superb.. visit us for our own ambigram designs..