Friday, May 12, 2006

Osho's Den

Osho Ashram, Poona.
Bhagwan Rajneesh was so taken in by Ullal's passion for getting a story that he allowed him to shoot at his Poona ashram for two full days. From the next day onwards, photography was banned once again.(The Week Magazine - Cover Story- Nov 23, 1997 )

After a long weekend its really hard to sit in front of this comp and feelin my sleepy and hungry now. today i had a good breakfast... went to Koregoan park had fried egg with a toast..... its a wierd place most of the people who come to pune do come to osho's commune and nearby to the commune there's German Bakery thou its preety small and doesnot qualify to be can lots of foreigners hanging lot there.i really dont know why people come all the way leaving their country and families and spend spend time here.

osho's teachings are a great blunder and following them is highly insane. i have heard his talk on f**k, he spoke on this topic for nearly 30mins and all was rubbish......ever wondered that a religious leader using or explaning such profane things to his followers.....i have read alot about these commune people dont pay taxes on time and osho was arrested in US for illegal activites and the recent one was that the US government added osho and his followers in its terrorist list. people who come here are really carried away by things and have lost in their lives, i dont know if anyone has gained or reached NIRVANA by coming here
so if anyone planning to reach here and look for peace first try looking at home and then can think of this place............
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